GOOD: Congress Moves to Restore Gun Rights to Military Families


Because of the Gun Control Act of 1968, law-abiding citizens can only purchase a handgun from a retailer within their own state.

This presents a huge problem for the spouses of deployed military personnel — one that Texas Rep. Blake Farenthold hoped to ameliorate via the “Protect Our Military Families’ Second Amendment Rights Act.”

Launched this week by Farenthold, the bill would permit military spouses to purchase handguns in whichever state their husband or wife happens to be on duty.

“Our military spouses give up a great deal to support their active duty service member, often moving far from home and far from family to be with their spouse,” he wrote in a statement published Thursday.

“Military spouses should not be denied their Second Amendment rights based on the orders of the military member,” he added. “They have the right to defend themselves and their families just like anyone else.”

What remained to be seen was whether the bill would move forward or ultimately die as had happened to a similar bill proposed last year by Virginia Rep. Scott Rigell in response to threats by the Islamic State group against the military community, as noted by

That bill, H.R. 2259, was referred to the Subcommittee on Crime, Terrorism, Homeland Security and Investigations on June 1, 2015, after which it permanently stalled.

Farenthold’s bill, H.R. 256, will hopefully fare better. As noted by Breitbart, his version will amend “codes so that military spouses’ residency is determined like the residency of active duty military personnel, as relates to the exercise of Second Amendment rights.”

“A member of the Armed Forces on active duty, or a spouse of such a member, is a resident of — (1) the State in which the member or spouse maintains legal residence; (2) the State in which the permanent duty station of the member is located; and (3) the State in which the member maintains a place of abode from which the member commutes each day to the permanent duty station of the member,” the act read.

If passed, the bill would be mightily appreciated by the country’s men and women in uniform.

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