Glitter Was Put into Some Ashes on Ash Wednesday To Promote LGBT Rights

Glitter Was Put into Some Ashes on Ash Wednesday To Promote LGBT Rights

On Ash Wednesday, Christians around the world marked the beginning of Lent, a time of reflection as we prepare for Easter. This was supposed to be a somber day, but unfortunately a few liberals couldn’t help trying to tie to their own agenda to the day.

Several churches around the country had the audacity to mix glitter in with the ashes they used during their service as a way of promoting the LGBTQ agenda, TheBlaze reported.

The “Glitter+Ash” combination, which was the brain child of “Parity,” a faith-based organization in New York City dedicated to promoting LGBTQ rights, was meant to show solidarity with the gay community and to give hope to homosexuals throughout America.

“At this moment in history, glitter ashes will be a powerful reminder of St. Augustine’s teaching that we cannot despair, because despair paralyzes, thwarting repentance and impeding the change that we are called to make,” read Parity’s website.

Pastor Andrew Stehlik of Rutgers Presbyterian Church in New York explained that the glitter would “alleviate the generally grim tone of Ash Wednesday” and show how the church was concerned about the environment.

“We combine it with environmental issues — so recognizing that we are stardust, all of us, the whole universe is created mostly of those remnants and that brings that inclusivity even broader,” Stehlik told TheBlaze. “We will be combining those two aspects — environmental and mystery of unity which has been expanded into all different gender identities.”

How is this person allowed to be a clergyman? The whole point of Ash Wednesday is to be somewhat “grim” to remind all of us of what Jesus sacrificed for us and why, and to help us prepare ourselves to appreciate his crucifixion and resurrection.

If a minister doesn’t understand the point of Ash Wednesday, he probably should be in another line of work.

The Washington Post noted that the glitter-ash issue reflects a growing divide within the church over how to deal with the issue of LGBTQ rights.

There is a time and place to discuss LGBTQ issues in the church, but Ash Wednesday certainly isn’t it. Those participating in this sacrilegious act should be ashamed of themselves.

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