Gingrich Announces Role He Wants to Play in Trump Admin… Chief of Ideas!


Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich would like to serve as a sort of “chief of ideas” in President-elect Donald Trump’s future cabinet, he revealed Wednesday.

“I’d like to be the chief planner, and I’d like to look at how do you transform the (Department of Veterans Affairs),” he said during an interview with Fox News Radio. “How do you profoundly improve our approach to national security? What do you have to do to have a long-term health system that is actually better, more convenient, more productive and less expensive?”

He explained that he wanted his role in the administration to involve strategy, not day-to-day operations, which from the sound of it he found to be very mundane and comparatively irrelevant to his interests.

“(H)aving watched it up close for a long time, day-to-day jobs absorb you and you end up in whatever’s on page one of The New York Times or The Washington Post or the lead at Fox News, and you spend all day chasing those kind of things,” he said.

Instead, he hoped to focus his efforts on leading the government into the future and “mak(ing) it responsive to the American people.”

Of course, making such massive adjustments will require more than just strategy; it will mandate a level of commitment not seen since the implementation of the New Deal during the 1930s.

“I think they’ve got to decide — the biggest single decision they’ve got to make is do they want to manage the current government or do they want to profoundly change it,” Gingrich said, referencing Trump’s future administration.

“If they want to profoundly change it, that requires different people,” he continued. “That requires recruiting them in a different way and setting a different set of objectives, and I think that maybe the most important single decision he makes in the next 30 days is what direction does he want to go.”

And if Trump does indeed aspire to steer America in a new direction — one of government revitalization and transformation — then it would clearly behoove him to place Gingrich in some strategy-related role.

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