Germany Tried to Deport Berlin Truck Terrorist… “Couldn’t” Because Home Country Wouldn’t Take Him


Following Monday’s tragic terrorist attack at a Christmas market in Berlin, Germany, law enforcement officials believe they have identified their prime suspect.

According to a series of updated reports from The Washington Post, the individual believed responsible for the atrocity is a 24-year-old illegal immigrant from Tunisia named Anis Amri, whose application for asylum in Germany had been rejected earlier in the year.

Authorities have warned the public that the suspected terrorist, who used a large delivery truck to plow through a crowd of pedestrians, was believed to be “armed and dangerous.”

Twelve were killed and 48 wounded in Monday’s attack.

Police offered a reward of slightly more than $100,000 for information leading to his capture.

Astonishingly, it has also been reported that not only was the illegal migrant known to German authorities as a threat, but that they had attempted to deport him previously, only to be rebuffed when Tunisian officials refused to accept him back into their country.

You can watch Fox Business report that here:

More information on this disturbing revelation was reported by The U.K. Daily Mirror, which noted that various security agencies in Germany had admitted to having monitored the suspect for some time and had even shared among themselves what they knew of the man as recently as November.

Amri had applied for asylum earlier in the year, but his request had been rejected and he had been scheduled for deportation. Unfortunately, as Amri didn’t appear to have proper identification papers in order at the time, Tunisia disputed that he was really a Tunisian and refused to accept him.

Those identification papers were reportedly discovered in the truck used in the horrific attack, and authorities have launched a nationwide manhunt for the suspected jihadist, who was believed to be linked to the same Islamic State group-affiliated terror organization that pulled off two major attacks on or near a popular beach resort in Tunisia in 2015.

As for the news that the government of Tunisia refused to accept Amri when Germany tried to deport him, that is simply unacceptable and must not be allowed to happen again.

Any nation’s first priority should be to protect its own citizens from both external and internal threats, and that sometimes means deporting foreign individuals who pose such a threat to the general populace, whether that individual’s country of origin wants him back or not.

Should other nations persist in refusing to accept deported terrorists from their own countries, those nations should suffer some sort of consequence, such as a loss of foreign aid or sanctions designed to force acceptance.

Until the Western nations and the rest of the world reach an understanding on this issue, we will continue to see horrific crimes committed by illegal immigrants who never should have been where they were in the first place, and more innocent lives will be lost.

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