Georgia Man Receives Life in Prison After Leaving His Baby in A Hot Car for 7 Hours


A Georgia father who left his son in a hot car for seven hours in June 2014, which resulted in the boy’s death, learned what his fate would be on Monday when he was sentenced.

Justin Ross Harris was sentenced to life in prison, either with or without the possibility of parole. The possibility of parole will be determined at a later date, Fox News reported.

Harris claimed it was an accident, that he simply forgot that the child was in his car when he went to work. The prosecutor for the case argued that it was deliberate because Harris wanted to escape his family life.

Harris was carrying out several extramarital affairs and sexting an underage teenager, evidence presented to the jury showed. A jury convicted Harris last month of malice murder as well as other charges related to his texting the teen.

CNN noted that in addition to his life sentence, Harris received 32 years for the other charges. The 32 years are to be served consecutively.

Throughout the trial, Harris showed almost no emotion — a pretty good indicator he wasn’t sorry about killing his child. His defense team has stated that they intend to file for a new trial, WGCL reported.

This case made headlines all across America — and the world — back in 2014 when it broke, because of the sheer horrible nature of the death. It also served as a reminder that hot car deaths are tragedies that happen all too frequently.

In fact, the trial location had to be moved because of the amount of media attention the case got, possibly threatening the impartiality of the jury.

Now justice has prevailed and this monster will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the horrible crime he committed.

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