GANG UP: As Media Destroys Flynn, Here’s How Oprah Helped Nuke Next Trump Nominee

GANG UP As Media Destroys Flynn Heres How Oprah Helped Nuke Next Trump Nominee

The liberal media eviscerated President Donald Trump’s National Security Adviser, Michael Flynn, after his announced resignation on Monday. Now, it seems, the same wave of media opposition has caused Trump’s former labor secretary nominee, Andy Puzder, to withdraw his name from consideration for the position.

The shocker: The main culprit behind Puzder’s dropping out of contention may be none other than talk show host Oprah Winfrey, using accusations from an interview almost 30 years old that have been discredited by the very woman who made the accusations. And that same woman — Puzder’s ex-wife — has been speaking out publicly in Puzder’s defense.

As Independent Journal Review reported, Winfrey conducted an interview in 1990 with a woman named “Ann,” which was a pseudonym used for Puzder’s ex-wife Lisa Fierstein. Fierstein divorced Puzder back in 1987 and appeared on the “Oprah” show’s segment on “High Class Battered Women.”

Now, almost 30 years later, Wifrey handed over that portion of the interview to the Senate’s Health, Education, Labor and Pension Committee, according to Deadline Hollywood, effectively eliminating support for Puzder’s nomination.

Puzder was due to begin confirmation hearings on Thursday but dropped out because of the explosiveness of the interview’s contents.

In the interview, the woman known as “Ann” claimed that Puzder hit her in places that could be easily hidden, because he was “smart.”

“Most men who are in positions like that don’t leave marks. The damage that I sustained you can’t see. It’s permanent. … They don’t hit you in the face. They’re too smart. They don’t hit you in front of everyone,” she said.

According to Fox News, though, Fierstein has a much different story today. In a statement she released to the network, she criticized groups that are trying to use her decades-old divorce proceedings against her former husband.

“My privacy has been invaded, my family has been hurt, my children are suffering and I have become the victim of the media’s malice and determination to find ugliness where only kindness and love exists,” the statement said.

In a private email she wrote to Puzder, which Fox News obtained, she explicitly stated her accusations from 30 years ago were not true, and that she’d been “counseled” to make them.

“I regretted and still regret that decision and I withdrew those allegations over 30 years ago,” she wrote. “You were not abusive. I will most definitely confirm to anyone who may ask that in no way was there abuse.”

In a public statement, she was just as forthright.

“None of the events from so far in the past have anything to do with Andy’s kindness and generosity and his ability to serve his country,” she said in a statement last week, according to Bloomberg.

In other words, the story is old, and it wasn’t true in the first place — according to the very woman who told it.

And yet, the liberals led by Oprah Winfrey — a longtime friend of former President Barack Obama and his wife — are using that same woman and her story to attack the Trump administration and one of its nominees for the cabinet.

Of course, spousal abuse is a deadly serious business, and it often goes unreported, leaving many victims to suffer in silence. However, that is clearly not the case here. This is a concerted effort to undermine President Trump’s appointees using not only old material, but material that has been recanted.

This is not news, people. This is a smear campaign.

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