FUNNY: Ann Coulter’s Unexpected “Men’s Room Christmas Card” Was NOT Popular with Liberals


There are so many wonderful Christmas mysteries. The Virgin Birth, the Star of Bethlehem, Ann Coulter’s Christmas card …

Say what you like about her, Ann Coulter certainly has a sense of humor (or maybe just weirdness). She seems to take the act of disturbing liberals (and, frankly, often conservatives) as nourishment.

Coulter’s Christmas morning tweet may have just broken the mold. It’s funny, it’s provocative, and it DEFINITELY weirded out the liberals, reported

What questions does this raise in your mind, dear reader?

How about, “What was she doing in a men’s room? At a 7-Eleven? In Kansas? On Christmas morning???” And further, wonders Mediaite, were there multiple stalls? The female reporter didn’t know because, you see, we don’t enter men’s restrooms. And we’ll thank you not to enter ours.

Clearly Coulter felt the joke was worth the time and trouble. The woman certainly knows how to raise the hackles of liberals wherever they may be found. was quick to jump into the fray, suggesting (hopefully, perhaps) that if President-elect Donald Trump does not succeed in building a wall along our our southern border, Coulter could spend the rest of her life residing in public restrooms.

Those libs are so prickly these days. I wonder what’s eating them? Perhaps being exposed as massively corrupt? Maybe taking the American voters for a bunch of fools and losing the 2016 presidential election because their candidate ignored everything most important to us?

The funniest (and most ironic) liberal comment was, “Why would a woman choose to enter a men’s restroom in the first place? Is Coulter trying to make some bizarre commentary about gender neutral facilities?”

Um, excuse me, I believe you liberals are the ones pushing for same-sex bathrooms.

All in all, some good clean Christmas fun. Happy New Year to you, Ann Coulter.

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