Friends of The Clintons Hint That They’re Eyeing Up New Political Role

Friends of The Clintons Hint That Theyre Eyeing Up New Political Role

After Democrat presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s loss to President Donald Trump, many thought it would be the end of her political career. However, friends of Clinton are now saying she will be back on the ground campaigning and fundraising and that she has no plans for stepping away from the political sphere.

As reported by Politico, Clinton’s friends have been weighing in on what is next for Clinton and her husband, former President Bill Clinton. While many have suggested that running for office again is unlikely, they have also asserted that the Clintons will continue to have influence behind the scenes in the Democrat Party.

Former Democrat Arkansas Sen. Mark Pryor said, “The Democratic Party does need new blood, new faces, and I don’t think Bill or Hillary Clinton would ever want to get back and run for anything.”

Still, the Clintons have allies up for re-election in various states, and according to friends the Clintons plan on asserting their influence in those races.

“If someone they knew was running for the Senate or the statehouse or city hall, it would be out of character for them not to be supportive,” said Mack McLarty, Bill Clinton’s original White House chief of staff.

“Many Democratic politicians have been personally influenced or share direct ties to President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, or both,” McLarty said, predicting that the couple will continue work on behalf of those with shared interests.

Meanwhile a post-mortem on the failed campaign continues, including an examination of financial issues. Campaign contributors have asked questions about what happened to their investment, prompting Clinton to look into reports to see what errors were made.

“She understands that a forensic exam of the campaign is necessary, not only for her, but for the party and other electeds, and for the investors in the campaign,” said a Clinton friend who did not want to be named. “People want to know that their investment was treated with respect, but that their mistakes wouldn’t be repeated.”

Meanwhile work has resumed at the Clinton Foundation, which came under intense scrutiny during the presidential campaign.

It is astounding that after so many losses, Clinton just won’t give up. It’s time for this woman to retire, and in truth her party would be better off without her.  A permanent vacation from politics should be the only thing left on her agenda.

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