FREAK VIDEO: People Enjoy Ferry Ride, Suddenly Realize Car’s Headed Straight into the Water


A group of tourists were making their way to Fraser Island, Brisbane, in Australia, via a ferry when one of the vehicles on board rolled into the water.

The four-wheel-drive vehicle, which was rented to a group of backpackers, rolled off the ferry and sank Saturday morning while everyone on board watched helplessly.

Thankfully no one was in the vehicle when it went off the edge of the ferry, but the backpackers lost their belongings, which included mobile phones, bank cards and passports.

Chloe Swift, who was part of the backpacker group, managed to record the scene.

She said it was a sad and scary start to the Fraser Island trip, Australian Broadcasting Corporation reported.

“There were a lot of girls obviously crying. Their phones and everything are in the car that sunk (sic). The guys took it quite well, but a lot of the girls were crying and a lot of people haven’t rung their families because they are so upset right now,” she said.

“It was really horrible. A lot of the people were shaken up. The people who have lost their stuff have to go back to the hostel and borrow stuff they have lost,” Swift added.

Katrina Lawrence, who was on the ferry with her family, said her family’s car was parked next to the one that rolled off into the open water.

“We were behind our car and my husband called out that the car next to us was rolling. It was rolling back to the bridge, which was still down,” she said.

She added that a young man tried to grab the rolling vehicle by the bull bar (grill guard) without much luck.

“It skidded along for a bit, he let it go, and it proceeded to just roll over the back and into the water where it stayed up for about 30 seconds before it sunk (sic) down,” she added.

A spokesman for Manta Ray Fraser Island Barges said officials were investigating the incident.

While it’s bad that these people lost all their belongings, we’re glad they weren’t in this car when it decided roll off the ferry.

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