FREAK VIDEO: Handler Says the Wrong Word to Kangaroo, Never Sees the Kick Coming


Liberals would have people believe that Mother Nature is a kind, delicate lady, but the truth is very different.

This much could be gleaned from an old video showing Killer Willard the Boxing Kangaroo, as he was apparently known, on television alongside his trainer, Irene, and her husband.

The video was recorded 34 years ago on the now-defunct television program “The Morning Exchange” but has recently gone viral again due to the way Willard behaved in it, according to the U.K. Metro.

From the get-go, the kangaroo was quite feisty and threw a number of punches at both his trainer and her husband. But it was not until the show’s host, Fred Griffith, asked whether Willard was part of an endangered species that the frustrated kangaroo really turned things up.

Willard began fiercely pounding Irene’s husband with punches and jabs almost as if he had understood the question and was offended by it.

You can see why now, can’t you?” Irene herself then quipped, seemingly poking fun at Willard’s status as an endangered animal.

Watch what happened next:

Ouch. As can be seen above, Willard kicked Irene’s husband into her, sending the pair tumbling to the floor. Irene quickly recovered and got control of Willard, but when she tried to hand him off to her husband so she could continue the interview, he asked, “Why should I?”

Good question.

Irene claimed that the whole boxing shtick was part of a comedy act and that Willard mistakenly thought they were rehearsing. That did not seem like the case, though.

It seemed more likely that Killer Willard was simply a frustrated animal acting out as animals often do — as, for instance, a similarly minded kangaroo acted out recently in the Australian state of New South Wales when a dog stepped into his territory.

The kangaroo attacked the dog and put it into a choke-hold, spurring the dog’s owner to intervene and punch the big feller right in his face, thus putting an end to the attack.

Watch that full altercation below:

After this later video went viral, the dog’s owner, zookeeper Greig Tonkins, began receiving nasty messages on the internet from liberal animal lovers who slammed him for being a “pathetic excuse for a human being,” according to The U.K. Independent.

Yes, heaven forfend that a man defend himself and his dog from one of Mother Nature’s kind, delicate creatures …

Here is a hint, dear liberals: Neither Mother Nature nor her creatures are kind and delicate — they are rough, they are brutal and they are sometimes even deadly.

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