FREAK: Hot Mic Catches Bizarre Orders Cuban News Anchors Got After Fidel’s Death — No Good Mornings!


In an ironic development in the 9-day state-sponsored mourning period for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro, Cuban television has banned the use of “good morning,” “good afternoon,” and “good night,” as reported by Breitbart.

What a shame, since Cubans had it so great up until now.

Video of news anchors being informed of the ban was leaked by Cuban news outlet Cubanet and posted by Miami-based Marti Noticias.

Here is a video of the news anchors’ incredulous response, clearly not meant for broadcast, followed by more off-camera discussion. (Of course, it’s in Spanish, so while the frustration of the anchors is evident, the meaning of their words will not be unless you happen to speak the language.)

“What are we supposed to say to the viewers?” journalist Froilán Arencibia asked his colleague, anchor Mariuska Díaz. After considering “to your health” and “how are you?” the pair finally settled on “greetings,” with Diaz clearly annoyed and frustrated.

Popular pro-communist songwriter Silvio Rodriguez was quick on the uptake, posting “condolences to the universe” over the dictator’s death.

“With Fidel’s ideas we will construct a socialist, democratic, prosperous, and sustainable society,” he wrote. “His humanist and liberated thinking will guide us. His light is immortal.”

Hmm. I guess it depends on which side of the firing squad you’re on.

From 1959 to 2008, Fidel Castro tortured and murdered Christians, pro-democracy writers and anti-communist dissidents, often by firing squad.

Fidel was just the warm-up act. In 2016 alone, President Raul Castro’s secret police are on track to achieve over 10,000 political arrests, according to Cubaverdad.

Lest the mandatory mourning period get out of hand, the Cuban government has lain down strict rules

“During the National Mourning period, all activities and public spectacles will cease to occur,” state propaganda outlet “Granma” announced on Friday. “Listening to music or any public expressions of mirth will result in unspecified law enforcement consequences; selling alcohol is illegal.”

Castro’s legacy is already being shaped for eternity. Like Kim Il Sung, the North Korean dictator who died in 1994 but remains the “Eternal President,”  the Cuban press has begun to refer to Castro as “El Eterno Comandante” — “The Eternal Commander.”

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