Franklin Graham Weighs In on Benching Cam Newton… “There Are Consequences”


National Football League viewers were stunned, Carolina Panthers fans especially, when they tuned in to the Sunday night match-up between the Panthers and the Seattle Seahawks only to see the star quarterback for Carolina sitting on the bench for the first play of the game.

Backup Derek Anderson started in place of Cam Newton and immediately showed why he is a backup and not the starter by throwing an interception.

According to ESPN, Newton was benched by coach Ron Rivera for one play because of “a travel dress code violation,” namely that Newton didn’t wear a tie with his flashy suit when arriving at the stadium as required by team rules.

“I didn’t follow dress code, and Coach told me I wasn’t going to start. I stand by his decision,” a humbled Newton stated after the game.

While some football fans were understandably perplexed or even angry about the temporary benching, noted evangelist and football fan Franklin Graham thought the incident would be a useful teaching moment to discuss God’s rules and the consequences we face for violating them.

Taking to Facebook, Graham wrote, “Did you see Sunday night’s game? Carolina Panthers Cam Newton was benched for one play because of a travel dress code violation — he didn’t wear a tie.”

“You might think, ‘What’s the big deal — so what?’ But that was the rule. He broke the rule, and there was a consequence,” Graham continued. “God’s rules are there for our protection and our benefit. When we break His rules, that’s called sin, and there are consequences.”

“Thankfully, though, God loves us and desires to forgive us if we will only ask Him and believe in His Son, Jesus Christ,” Graham added.

“The Bible tells us, ‘If we confess our sins, he is faithful and just to forgive us our sins, and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness’ (1 John 1:9).”

Graham concluded by noting that this was a “winning game plan for life.”

You can read his post here:

Newton may have come to terms with his coach’s decision eventually, but that wasn’t apparently his first response.

You can watch what has been reported to be his initial reaction to learning the news he would miss the first play right here, courtesy of the Daily Snark:

This is indeed an excellent moment to share with others the notion that actions have consequences and that failure to follow established rules and protocol can result in a reaction that may not be particularly pleasant.

Franklin Graham understands that, as does Cam Newton now, thanks to the reminder he was given by Coach Rivera. Hopefully we all take the lesson Newton received to heart and accept it the same way Newton did following the game.

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