Fox News’ Monica Crowley Being Considered for Trump Press Secretary Post


Fox News host Monica Crowley is under consideration to be President-elect Donald Trump’s White House press secretary — due in part to her avid defense of the former GOP presidential nominee.

“The longtime Trump believer, who describes herself as a ‘happy warrior’ in her Twitter bio, was an early advocate for Trump,” Politico reported. “Back when he announced his seemingly quixotic presidential bid in June 2015, Crowley warned on Fox News not to underestimate the real estate mogul.”

She later repeatedly tore into Trump’s opponent, former Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton, blasting her for her blatant hypocrisy on women’s rights.

The video below provides one example of this:

Conservative commentator and fierce Trump supporter Laura Ingraham is also being considered for the job, though she reportedly sought “a bigger title” and a “role in policymaking,” according to Politico.

These factors made Ingraham less likely to be chosen over Crowley, as did the conservative radio show host’s unending attacks on “Never Trump” Republicans.

“Both women were loyal supporters of Trump from the very beginning of his campaign, but Ingraham managed to get on the wrong side of many conservatives while Crowley did not,” PJ Media writer Debra Heine wrote last week. “Because she never attacked the ‘Never Trumpers’ the way Ingraham did, Crowley would be a less divisive choice.”

Plus, Crowley does not appear to be making extraordinary demands for the job.

“It would be an honor to serve in the new administration,” she said, according to the New York Post.

If she were selected, she would be the third woman to ever serve as White House press secretary, with the previous two having been Dee Dee Myers and Dana Perino, who served under former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, respectively.

Despite proclaiming himself to be a staunch advocate for women, President Barack Obama had zero women press secretaries.

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