Fox News’ Eric Bolling SKEWERS Hillary’s Lackeys For Sick Trump Attack: “It Just Got Uglier…”


Denial. Deep in denial. That’s where Democrats still find themselves nearly a month after the election.

Why did Hillary Clinton lose? Was it because her stale message and strident liberalism alienated voters? No, of course not. According to those closest to her, it’s because you, the good people of America, are sexist, racist, homophobic, believers in white supremacy and gullible, to boot.

But a couple of outspoken Fox News hosts are offering the denial party a few healthy doses of tough-love therapy, and they couldn’t be more right in their analyses.

Fox News host and consistent Trump supporter Eric Bolling has lashed out at Clinton’s people, saying that they need to look in the mirror if they want to know why the American voters rejected them on Nov. 8.

During a monologue on Fox News’ “Cashin’ In” on Saturday, Bolling — a host of “The Five” who’s been rumored to be under consideration for a position in the Commerce Department — criticized Clinton campaign communications director Jen Palmieri for comments she had made during a forum at Harvard last Wednesday.

“If providing a platform for white supremacists makes me a brilliant tactician, I am proud to have lost. I would rather lose than win the way you guys did,” Palmieri said to the woman who served as Trump’s home-stretch campaign manager, Kellyanne Conway, according to The Washington Post.

Never mind that Palmieri was herself a confirmed bigot on the Harvard stage, having made highly offensive comments about Catholics and Christians in emails released by WikiLeaks. Bolling pointed out that the Clinton camp’s blame should start and end with their own candidate and campaign — adding that their only messages were “it’s my turn” and “he’s terrible.”

“No, it wasn’t racism, not white supremacy. No, it wasn’t sexism. What it was, however, it was the fact that Hillary had no message,” Bolling said. “She never touched the hearts of voters.”

He added that the only time she resonated with voters was when she called Trump’s supporters a “basket of deplorables,” although it wasn’t in the way that she had planned.

“That comment hit home, but to the wrong group. It hit home to every person who has felt ignored, or who has felt belittled for their beliefs, or felt that political elites had disdain for the average American,” Bolling told the audience. “It was that comment that turned the election toward Trump.”

“We’re American,” he added. “Not deplorable, just American. And finally that means something again.”

In a Rolling Stone interview conducted the day after Trump’s win, Obama blamed the loss on television – specifically, his belief that voters were unduly influenced by seeing “Fox News in every bar and restaurant in big chunks of the country.”

“Fox News didn’t win an election, Mr. President,” the cable news network’s Neil Cavuto quipped, “you lost it, yet it’s still lost on you.”

Obama has also blamed the poor election results on geography; and the Democrats have continued to flog James Comey and his FBI’s on-again-off-again investigation of Hillary’s email practices as a reason for their loss.

That’s the problem with the Democrats. The party isn’t in disarray because they lost. The party is in disarray because they can’t figure out why they lost — or refuse to acknowledge the obvious.

They’ve continued to tell themselves the comforting fiction of “white supremacists,” the “alt-right” and misogyny. When those don’t work, go with “fake news.”

The only people the Democrat deniers ought to be looking to blame are themselves. Sixty million voters didn’t go for Trump because they’re secret racists who want to return America to pre-Civil War days. They voted Republican because of Hillary’s undisguised contempt for them.

More than three weeks after the election rocked the political world, and they’re still blaming Hillary’s loss on the “basket of deplorables,” just with a different name. No matter what, they never seem to learn.

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