Former Muslim Tells Liberals Their Politically Correct Appeasement Is Helping Terrorists

Former Muslim Tells Liberals Their Politically Correct Appeasement Is Helping Terrorists

In an appearance on Fox News‘ “Tucker Carlson Tonight” Wednesday, hours after the London terror attack, activist and former Muslim Ayaan Hirsi Ali blasted liberals who thought appeasement of radical Islam would stop the terrorism problem.

According to Ali, whose views on Islam have made her a marked woman among the left, the “apologetic attitude” many on the left take is “masochistic” and “stupid.”

Terrorists, she said, “don’t go to liberals and say, ‘Thank you so much, we’ll stop terrorizing you’” because Islamist beliefs are treated with deference. In fact, one need only look at the attack that happened hours before — in a city with progressive leadership and a Muslim mayor — to see how delusional that thinking is.

Instead, Ali said that Islamists were seeking a “Shariah-compliant society and eventually the world … and whoever is in their way is their enemy.”

“It doesn’t matter how nice the liberals are, how accommodating, how obliging they are,” she added.

“We empower (Islamists) because every time we appease and appease and appease, they see that as God’s hand — their perception of God — they see God’s hand making it easy for them to advance their agenda,” Ali said.

“They don’t see that here is a decent, civilized society that is trying to understand them and give them time and try to persuade them to put their weapons down. That is not how they see it.”

Listen to the conversation here:

According to BizPac Review, Ali was born in Somalia but later emigrated and renounced her Islamic faith. She says that she has no problem with President Donald Trump’s travel ban — which includes her country — saying that “it’s incredibly difficult to vet people coming from” the nations included on the list.

This is what liberals don’t want to hear. They want to pretend that if we just treat the problem like it isn’t there, it won’t be there. What we have to understand is that such an approach simply won’t work.

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