Former Black Panther Mason Weaver Calls Rep. John Lewis An “Illegitimate Congressman”

Former Black Panther Mason Weaver Calls Rep John Lewis An Illegitimate Congressman

Former Black Panther Mason Weaver, who has since found redemption through conservative Christian writing, claimed stunningly Monday that Georgia Rep. John Lewis was an “illegitimate congressman” who presided over the “destruction of black America.”

Speaking on Fox News about Lewis’ recent claim that President-elect Donald Trump was an illegitimate president, the ex-Black Panther maintained that Lewis was a “civil rights turncoat” — one who, despite having marched with Martin Luther King Jr., had ultimately sided with the wrong people: the Democrats.

“He has joined the enemy — he has joined the oppressor,” Weaver said. “You (Lewis) tried to work with them, but the Democrat Party has always been the party of abuse, always been the party of the Klan — the party that went to war to keep slaves — the party that has always been (about) the destruction of black people.”

“If you’re a real man, John Lewis, you stand up tomorrow and you apologize,” Weaver added, referencing both the congressman’s remarks about Trump and his longtime support of Democrat policies that have devastated black communities throughout the nation.

During his 30-year career in Congress, Lewis has championed welfare policies designed to coddle struggling black communities and make them dependent instead of helping them succeed. And according to Weaver, these policies were entirely anathema to the civil rights movement’s true cause.

“In the early ’70s and late ’60s, we were demonstrating and protesting for the right to compete as adult citizens of America,” he said. We were not demonstrating to be taken care of.”

As black conservative commentator Crystal Wright wrote for Townhall four years ago, “After nearly 50 years of liberal policies coddling black Americans with little economic progress to show for it, don’t we think it’s time to try something new?”

Trump, for whom Lewis has shown a conspicuous distaste, certainly believed so, according to Vice President-elect Mike Pence.

“You remember that great line, ‘What the heck do you have to lose?’” he asked Sunday on Fox News, referencing what Trump asked the black community during a rally late last year. “He is committed to being president of all of the people of this country and to bringing jobs and prosperity in ways that the failed liberal policies of the past several generations have not.”

Perhaps, instead of criticizing Trump, Rep. Lewis should be taking notes from him.

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