Former AG States That Yates Could Have Resigned and Saved Humiliation

Former AG States That Yates Could Have Resigned and Saved Humiliation

Shortly after President Donald Trump issued an executive order temporarily blocking entry into the U.S. from certain terror-prone nations, acting Attorney General Sally Yates, a holdover from the Obama administration, issued a blanket order of her own instructing the Justice Department not to defend Trump’s order from legal challenges.

In what should have come as no surprise, Trump promptly fired her from the position she was holding only until Jeff Sessions could be confirmed and sworn into office as the next head of the Justice Department, citing her “betrayal.”

Of course liberals quickly began screaming bloody murder, apparently forgetting that former President Barack Obama had fired or forced early resignations of people who didn’t support his liberal agenda.

Enter CNN’s “New Day” with co-host Alisyn Camerota, who interviewed former Bush administration Attorney General Alberto Gonzales on Tuesday about the situation, with him remarking that it would have been better for Yates to have resigned instead of putting herself in the position to be fired, according to CNS News.

Gonzales began by saying Trump’s action was “pretty extraordinary” and complimented Yates on her “tremendous service” to the country, but then added, “Having said that, I think I tend to agree with those who are concerned about the fact that she should have resigned.”

He explained how the process of executive orders generally works, with there being plenty of consultation between the White House and the Department of Justice, specifically the Office of Legal Counsel, which would be expected to defend lawful orders against any legal challenges.

Though he lamented the appearance of a breakdown in communications somewhere along the line, most likely with the Justice Department, Gonzalez nevertheless seemed to indicate that it would have been the responsibility of Yates to clear up any misunderstandings with the new administration before flatly stating that she wouldn’t defend the order.

“And at that point, if the White House says we still want to move forward, I think it would have been appropriate for Sally Yates to then resign as opposed to sending out a blanket order to Department of Justice lawyers that they’re not going to defend this executive order,” Gonzales said.

According to Newsmax, Gonzales went on to describe without specific detail how he at one point had been prepared to resign over an executive order he had issues with from then-President George W. Bush, but that his potential resignation ultimately proved unnecessary.

“There was one instance where I had a very serious conversation with the president, and I was prepared to resign my position as attorney general because the president is entitled to have his lawful orders carried out,” he said.

You can watch a portion of the interview with Gonzales here:

Gonzales is absolutely right that Sally Yates should have resigned her position as acting attorney general if she so strongly disagreed with Trump’s executive order on immigration, instead of publicly undercutting his order and forcing his hand.

Most likely, Yates deliberately put herself in the position to be fired in order to virtue-signal to her fellow leftists and portray herself as a martyr for the progressive anti-Trump cause with its obstructionist agenda.

While some leftists may adore her and place her on a pedestal for her “brave” defiance of Trump, to the rest of America Yates simply looks like a fool who refused to do the job she was assigned to do.

Good riddance, and hopefully the rest of the Obama administration holdovers will be following her out the door shortly.

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