FLASHBACK VIDEO: The Time Obama Said Trump Needed “Magic Wand” to Keep Carrier


While speaking during a PBS town hall in June, President Barack Obama joked about eventual President-elect Donald Tump’s vow not only to bring back jobs to the United States but also to keep American companies, like the Carrier Corporation, from leaving the country.

The Hill reported that when Carrier employee Eric Cottonham asked Obama about his job situation, Obama insinuated that Trump would need a “magic wand” to negotiate those kinds of deals.

Apparently that’s not quite true, because Trump recently made a deal with Carrier that persuaded the American company from moving 1,000 jobs to Mexico.

Trump proved you don’t need a magic wand — just a willingness to work with the other side.

Talk about embarrassing.

Of course, Obama was talking about bring jobs back into the country, and what Trump did prevented them from leaving in the first place, but the principles are similar: Obama’s statements illustrate the difference between a liberal theorist and a real businessman.

A real businessman can negotiate a deal and get things done, while liberal politicians would rather be negative and simply not put forth any effort.

Obama said Trump didn’t have an answer, but apparently Trump’s open to finding them — unlike Obama, who didn’t bother looking for answers because the answers might actually improve things, which would totally wreck his agenda.

Liberal pundits always seem to have a negative take on everything. They’re not generally happy unless they’re complaining. And they always seem to be delighted when everyone is bordering on misery.

Case in point: Obama mentioned in the same town hall that he doubted Trump could make American great again, the Washington Examiner reported.

Obama, along with other Democrats, enjoyed poking fun at Trump, but as Trump begins to make good on some of his promises, liberals are being exposed as the frauds they are — and you know that’s got to make them even more mad.

They should get used to it — they have at least four more years of these kinds of deals to look forward to.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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