The First ‘Faithless’ Elector Of This Momentous Monday Is Not What Anyone Expected


Democrats desperately trying to turn the Electoral College (EC) every which way but loose — meaning they’ve been flailing about in a vain attempt to overturn the results of the 2016 election — are taking their crusade against President-elect Donald Trump down to the wire.

The New York Times reports that rowdy protests have broken out at many statehouses where, inside those capitol buildings, members of the Electoral College are casting their ballots to confirm that Trump will be the 45th president.

And with all the hubbub about the potential for “faithless” Republican electors to defy the will of their state’s Trump voters and throw the process into chaos by refusing to back the winner from Nov. 8, it appears the first EC rebel of the day is not what anyone expected.

The latest liberal stunt to try to throw a monkey wrench into the works and convince EC members to deny Trump his rightful victory seems to have had little to no impact, thus far. That widely ridiculed video featuring a gaggle of Hollywood types — including actor Martin Sheen who played a fictitious president on TV’s “West Wing” — pleading for Trump electors to dump The Donald has had as much impact as the failed Jill Stein-led recounts in three swing states.

The offer by ultra-liberal filmmaker Michael Moore to pay any fines levied against faithless Trump electors hasn’t produced any takers so far. And the effort by a limited number of electors to secure an intelligence briefing on the supposed Russian interference in the election has gone absolutely nowhere.

Plus, the mass mailing and emailing campaign to intimidate Republican electors into not voting for Donald Trump has done little other than reinforcing the resolve of some electors to resist the intense pressure to be unfaithful to the voters in their states.

But what has happened brings to mind the adage: Be careful what you wish for…as in, Democrats might not like to learn what one Clinton elector has just chosen to do.

According to The Hill, the first faithless elector to emerge on this momentous Monday is not a Republican who has stepped up to defy Trump, but a Democrat who has dared to deny Hillary Clinton.

“Muhammad Abdurrahman, a former Bernie Sanders delegate to the Democratic National Convention,” says The Hill, “attempted to vote for a presidential ticket of Sanders — an Independent senator from Vermont — and Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii), according to The Associated Press’s Kyle Potter.”

Well, that didn’t work out so well for Muhammad of Minnesota. After his refusal to cast his ballot for the Democrat candidate — even though she had won the popular vote in Minnesota — Abdurrahman’s rebellious move was rejected and an alternate was appointed to allow the state to go ahead and deliver its 10 electoral votes for Clinton.

The Associated Press is also reporting that another Clinton elector — this one in Maine — has gone rogue and cast a vote for Hillary’s main primary rival, Bernie Sanders.

But in terms of the all-but-certain outcome of the Electoral College voting, it certainly seems that Donald Trump will triumph as predicted. And all that sound and fury on the left — all that passionate pleading for electors to dump Trump — it signifies nothing. Trump is expected to easily reach and comfortably surpass the 270 vote threshold needed to secure his win.

It signifies nothing, that is, other than another loss for the anti-Trump forces that have gotten it wrong from the beginning of a presidential election season like no other in recent memory.

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