Firefighters See Hole In Homeowner’s Roof… Immediately Fix It For Free


We’re used to firefighters protecting and serving everyday people. However, most of us assume they do that by putting out fires or saving kittens from trees.

Few of us think of firemen as handymen or roofers. Yet, in Lake Township, Pennsylvania, that’s exactly what another town’s firefighters did for Diane Cron, a woman who owns an old bed-and-breakfast 20 miles east of Scranton.

According to WNEP-TV, Cron had been left in the lurch after a contractor who was doing her roof left half of it undone. With a huge hole in her ceiling, Cron was understandably frustrated. That’s when members of the Hamlin Fire and Rescue stepped in, after one of their ranks noticed the unfinished roof.

The firefighters got some lights, went up on her roof, and patched up the holes to provide a temporary fix for Cron, who’s lived in the area for 21 years.

According to the Wayne Independent, Cron’s husband died last year and she’s been living alone in the house ever since.

“It was like angels came and saved me,” Cron said. “They were here. They were here to help me.”

“If it wasn’t for the Hamlin Ambulance Fire and Rescue, I would be in the hospital because they were ready to take me away because my nerves were out of control,” she continued.

“I’m not surprised by it, just ecstatic with joy,” Hamlin Fire Chief Gene Koch said. “People still care. I’d like to see more people out there helping people. Just because these guys are part of a fire company, doesn’t limit the actions that can be done.

“You don’t have to be part of a fire company to help your neighbor,” he added.

“These boys and girls made me proud. They were amazing,”  Nikki Price, an ambulance captain who was one of Cron’s angels, told the Wayne Independent.

The town posted pictures of the repairs on its Facebook page:

In addition to the roof — which they plan to go back to finish this weekend if the weather allows — firefighters will also finish cutting a tree that Cron paid $600 to have removed, which was also never done.

Our hats are off to Nikki Price, Dylan Price, Breanna Price, Ashley Batzel, Joshua Parry and Kenny Williams, the emergency responders who helped Ms. Cron out. It shows that the neighborly spirit isn’t just alive, but flourishing.

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