Firearm Bearing Texans Shoot and Kill Burglars in 2 Separate Incidents


Two separate incidents in Texas over the Christmas weekend resulted in burglars being killed by armed homeowners protecting themselves and their property by employing their Second Amendment rights.

One homeowner in the Kingwood subdivision of Houston reportedly heard a burglar enter his home through a broken window on Christmas Eve. He alerted his son, who was also inside the home, and the son grabbed a gun, found the suspect and shot him, according to KHOU. 

After being shot, the suspect fled to the home’s backyard, where he collapsed and died at the scene, Montgomery County Police Reporter reported.

Early Christmas morning, another incident occurred when a Fort Bend County homeowner’s security system alerted him that someone was on the property.

The armed homeowner went outside around 4:45 a.m. and found a young man attempting to burglarize his truck, according to KHOU.

He noticed something unidentifiable in the suspect’s hand, according to deputies, and when he saw the suspect make a move toward his waistband, the homeowner opened fire to protect himself from someone he believed was armed.

“I carry weapons and I have a few magazines in the vehicle and I have a holster and I have ammo. A few boxes of ammo,” the homeowner told KTRK. “He had his left hand full of some of my stuff and with his right hand, I was unable to determine whether or not he was putting something into his pocket or if he was pulling something out of his pocket.”

Like the suspect in Kingwood, this burglary suspect also died at the scene after two of the homeowner’s three rounds struck the suspect.

Although he was completely within his rights — and using the Second Amendment as it was intended — the homeowner nonetheless felt remorseful over the unfortunate incident.

“I am so sorry,” he told KTRK. “This was not my intent when I walked outside.”

Thankfully, no one else was injured in the incidents, and police said no charges were expected to be filed in either case, according to Breitbart.

While it’s unfortunate when someone dies, particularly during the Christmas season, both of these burglary suspects made the decision to break into someone’s else property and take things that didn’t belong to them.

When you make dangerous choices, you win dangerous prizes.

We’re glad to see these Texans lawfully protecting themselves, their families and their possessions by using the rights afforded to them by the Second Amendment.

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