They Find Dad Dead In Seat. But Then They See Baby. He Jumps Into Burning Car… Then EXPLOSION

They Find Dad Dead In Seat But Then They See Baby He Jumps Into Burning Car Then EXPLOSION

It was a scary, emotional Friday morning for two Detroit area movers driving in Lake City, FL. It couldn’t have been better timing for Steven Hill and Jason Nelson to have stopped and pulled over.

While driving beside the I-95 about an hour out of Jacksonville, the two spotted a car on fire and stopped. Upon approaching the car, Nelson began to yell at a man he could see in the car.

“It was very scary. I think, the scariest moment of my life.” Jason Nelson later said of the ordeal. They had no idea they would save a life that morning, much less that of an innocent baby girl.

Yelling to wake or provoke a response from the man wasn’t working. He wouldn’t respond. Eventually they realized that the man had already passed.

They were on the phone with 911 and dealing with the fire at the same time. They didn’t know how much time they would have before the situation escalated.

The car was full of tall flames, and then they saw the baby. Hill described trying to grab the car seat harness, but he just couldn’t get it.

“That harness, I couldn’t get it,” Hill stated. “It was melted or what, but I grabbed it.”

He continued by saying, “I wasn’t going to stop until I got that baby out of there. There was no way I was going to let her burn. I’d burn first for sure.”

Hill pulled the baby out just in time before the gas tank popped and fully engulfed the rest of the car in flames. Both Hill and Nelson were understandably upset with the events, but they were also happy and thankful to have pulled that precious baby from the car.

“God put me there for a reason,” confided Hill. “he put me and Jason there for a reason, obviously — to save that little baby.”

Not only have Hill and Nelson made a point of checking in on the little girl at the hospital, but they have met the rest of her family as well. Her name is Avalyn. The incident not only shook everyone up, it also left the baby in a rough state.

Avalyn is in critical condition: she is dealing with internal bleeding in her brain and broken ribs, among other ailments. Our thoughts and prayers are with her and her family at this time. At least she’s been given a fighting chance, thanks to the selfless actions of these two brave men.

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