After Final Count, Hillary Ends Up With Fewer Electoral Votes Than Expected


At long last, the delusion of an elector coup concocted by the left was put to rest Monday by the Electoral College’s confirmation of Donald Trump as our president-elect.

Not only that, but the Electoral College results were more surprising for former Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton than for Donald Trump.

“The Texas defectors mark the only two ‘faithless electors’ who broke from the controversial Republican. One voted for Ohio Gov. John Kasich, while the other voted for former Rep. Ron Paul,” according to The Hill.

Clinton was hit significantly harder.

“A Minnesota delegate cast a vote for Sen. Bernie Sanders … only to be removed and replaced with an alternate,” The Hill explained. “In Maine, an elector had announced his intentions to vote for Sanders, only to change his vote and back Hillary Clinton in a second round of voting.

“And in Washington, three Democrats voted for former Secretary of State Colin Powell and one Democrat voted for Faith Spotted Eagle, a tribal activist opposed to the Dakota Access Pipeline.”

You can see the unofficial final vote total here:

In a statement Donald Trump made after his “official” election, Trump jabbed at the media who gave credit to the ridiculous falsehood that Trump was ever in danger of losing the Electoral College.

“The official votes cast by the Electoral College exceeded the 270 required to secure the presidency by a very large margin, far greater than ever anticipated by the media,” Trump said, according to The Hill.

“This election represents a movement that millions of hard working men and women all across the country stood behind and made possible,” he continued. “With this historic step we can look forward to the bright future ahead. I will work hard to unite our country and be the President of all Americans. Together, we will make America great again.”

It needs to be made abundantly clear that Donald Trump was never in peril of losing the Electoral College to Hillary Clinton or, for that matter, to anyone else. The possibility of a flood of faithless electors was a falsehood manufactured by the left wing of our political sphere reeling from a stunning defeat dealt to them on the night of Nov. 8.

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H/T The Daily Wire