Feds Arrest 1st Dreamer Given Amnesty by Obama

Feds Arrest 1st Dreamer Given Amnesty by Obama

President Donald Trump vowed to crack down on illegal immigration, and throughout his first few weeks in office he has kept that promise — and it is causing liberals a lot of agony.

The latest liberal cry-fest is about one of former President Barack Obama’s so-called “dreamers,” who was arrested by immigration authorities, Reuters reported.

Daniel Ramirez Medina, 23, was brought to the United States illegally when he was a child, and received a work permit under Obama’s controversial Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA.

Medina and his lawyers claim that he should not have been detained because his DACA paperwork allowed him to remain in the United States. Immigration authorities argue they arrested Medina because of his gang affiliations and the possibility that he could be a threat to public safety, CNN reported.

Medina appears to be the first dreamer since DACA took effect to have been arrested and, pending the court case, subject to deportation. He certainly is the first potential DACA deportation under the Trump administration.

“Mr. Ramirez — a self-admitted gang member — was encountered at a residence in Des Moines, Washington, during an operation targeting a prior-deported felon,” explained ICE spokeswoman Rose Richeson.

Fox News reported that Medina was suing in federal court claiming that his Fourth Amendment rights have been violated, and that ICE agents tried to force him to admit he was in a gang. Medina has claimed he is not a gang member.

Trump’s stance on the dreamers is somewhat murky. Trump has stressed that he first wants to deport criminals and those who are a threat to America, and he will “work something out” regarding the dreamers, Politico reported.

If Medina was indeed in a gang, he should be deported. Gangs are a threat to American lives, and we cannot permit illegals to use acts like DACA to shield themselves from facing justice.

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Source: conservativetribune.com