FedEx Ships Christmas Trees to 176,000 Military Members and Families


The Christmas season is the time of year where people celebrate how blessed they have been and go the extra mile to help out someone who could use a little extra cheer around the holidays.

FedEx has been working to spread the Christmas cheer for years with their “Trees for Troops” program that allows people to send a Christmas tree to military families around the globe, KSAZ reported.

Since 2005, FedEx, working with the Christmas SPIRIT Foundation, has shipped more than 176,000 trees to military families. FedEx has sent the trees to members of every branch of the military, covering 65 bases in 17 countries.

“We have had an amazing year with Trees for Troops! This program is a huge highlight each year with the Christmas tree growers who are able to donate Christmas trees from their farms,” explained Ann O’Connor, executive director of Christmas SPIRIT Foundation.

This year alone, more than 18,000 Christmas trees will be donated to military families around the world. Now, that’s spreading some Christmas cheer!

WNEP noted that a donation of just $25 can send a Christmas tree to a military family. The Gazette noted that the trees were prioritized to soldiers who were lower in rank or who had children.

This is an outstanding program that helps America’s fighting men and women during the holidays. It’s a special way to show those defending our freedom that they have not been forgotten, and that Americans all across the country appreciate their sacrifice.

Many of us have the luxury of spending Christmas with our families, but many troops have sacrificed that luxury in the service of their country. They are putting themselves in danger just so we can celebrate Christmas in safety.

The least we can do is thank them for their sacrifice and do a little bit to make their lives just a little better.

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