Fed Up Huckabee Issues Blunt Warning to Intel Agencies Disrespecting Trump

Fed Up Huckabee Issues Blunt Warning to Intel Agencies Disrespecting Trump

Mike Huckabee had a serious warning to America’s intelligence community regarding recent leaks that appeared calculated to discredit President-elect Donald Trump: “This has to stop.”

The media have been in a frenzy over the past few days following BuzzFeed’s publication of a highly questionable 35-page “dossier” containing numerous unsubstantiated and unverifiable allegations regarding President-elect Donald Trump and the Russians, a dossier that was purportedly leaked to the media through someone in the intelligence community.

Trump and his team have of course vehemently denied the allegations and castigated the intelligence agencies for allowing the document to be leaked.

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper even personally called Trump to denounce the leaks, though he maintained that the document had not originated with the U.S. intelligence community, according to Fox News.

He did, however, seem to indicate that there was some tension between some members of the intelligence community and Trump, a growing problem that was addressed Thursday on Fox News’ “America’s Newsroom” by former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee.

According to Newsmax, Huckabee was pleased that Clapper had spoken with Trump about the leaks, but insisted that the intelligence agencies would need to show more respect toward the incoming president if they wanted to work well together, since “he is the elected president.”

Citing a report from an unnamed cable news competitor that asked how Trump could improve relations with the intelligence community, Huckabee retorted, “The real question is how can the intel community repair (its relationship) with Trump?”

“He is the president; he was elected, they weren’t,” he continued. “The call from Clapper was a big plus, but I do believe there has to be a depoliticization of the intel community, and they have become obviously a political weapon by virtue of the leaks. That has to stop.”

Asked if efforts at repairing the relationship would be tricky due to the fact that most of the mid- to low-level personnel in the agencies would remain unchanged in the next administration, Huckabee responded that it always is.

“The bureaucrats at local, state or federal level say it: ‘We were here when you came. We’ll be here when you leave. Have a good time, but we’re still going to be here,’” Huckabee explained. “To a large degree that’s always the tension in any changeover of power.”

That said, Huckabee believed there would be some pushback from Trump and his chief people to “try and clean up this total mess.”

“The ‘drain the swamp analogy,’ and it is something that needs to happen, needed to happen a long time ago,” Huckabee said.

Admitting that there are “great people” in the various intelligence agencies, Huckabee nevertheless lamented how unfair it was for them that “a few political people in those agencies have really sullied the reputation of what really should be a sterling kind of reputation for intel.”

You can watch his comments here:

Mike Huckabee is absolutely right that the leaks from the intelligence community need to stop, as their continuation would only serve to widen the gap between Trump and the community at a time when they need to be coming closer and working in tandem to address the many issues facing our nation.

As for those members of the intelligence community who don’t like Trump, we can only send them the same message we have sent to Democrats in Congress and the melting snowflakes in Hollywood and on college campuses:

Trump won the presidency, he will be the next president, and it is beyond time for everyone to learn to deal with it.

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