FBI Investigating Nearly 300 Refugees for Terrorism

FBI Investigating Nearly 300 Refugees for Terrorism

Why is America so scared of refugees? As former President Barack Obama said, they’re just widows and orphans trying to make a better life in a new country. There’s nothing to worry about!

This is why President Donald Trump’s travel ban is so ludicrous. I mean, there’s no reason to believe that … wait, what was that you said? The FBI is investigating 300 cases involving refugees for terrorist ties?

Um… check your male privilege? #OscarsSoWhite? Wait, that’s not going to work this time?

Yes, Fox News reported Monday that, according to a Department of Homeland Security official, nearly 300 counterterrorism investigations — about one-third of the 1,000 domestic terrorism cases the FBI was investigating — involved those allegedly harmless refugees that Democrats insisted were vetted more thoroughly than your daughter’s first boyfriend.

Lest you believe this was just a random anonymous source spouting off to score points for the Trump administration, Attorney General Jeff Sessions confirmed the number later in the day at the signing of Trump’s new executive order on immigration.

“(M)ore than 300 people who came here as refugees are under FBI investigation for potential terrorism-related activities,” Sessions said, according to CBS News. He added that those “seeking to support or commit terrorist attacks here will try to enter through our refugee program,” a statement backed up by a recent report regarding refugees fleeing the embattled Iraqi city of Mosul.

Just in case you didn’t get the point, Trump’s executive order also reiterated that alarming fact.

“The attorney general has reported to me that more than 300 persons who entered the United States as refugees are currently the subjects of counterterrorism investigations by the Federal Bureau of Investigation,” the new order read.

While a leaked February DHS draft report seemed to indicate no linkage between terrorism and the refugee program, officials clarified that the report did not take into account classified information.

If 300 seems a small number to you, consider this number: 19. That’s the number of individuals that Al Qaeda needed to crash four planes — three into buildings — and cause almost 3,000 deaths on Sept. 11, 2001.

Our readiness has grown since that horrible day, but so has the threat. While we shouldn’t live our lives in fear, we also shouldn’t live our lives blinded to reality for political reasons.

The refugee program has needed more stringent vetting for a while. This is the sad — but predictable — result.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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