This is By Far The Most Sickening Thing We’ve Ever Seen a Politician Do

This is By Far The Most Sickening Thing Weve Ever Seen a Politician Do

After President Trump reversed former President Obama’s ridiculous guidance on transgender bathrooms and sent the decision back to the states, leftists have stepped their alarmist, emotional appeals up a notch, with a state attorney general disgustingly exploiting a little girl to push their agenda.

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey recently used an 8-year-old girl as a prop in an attempt to shame people into rejecting facts, science (which I thought leftists claimed to lurve — yeah, right) common sense, and the safety of around half the population for their agenda the whims of a small minority.

Young Conservatives reported:

Healey dragged a little 8 year old girl, Ella Lemay, up to the podium to speak on behalf of her 7 year old transgender ‘brother’ and Healey literally props her up as the little girl speaks.

The poor little girl has no idea what she is saying. All she knows is that the adults in her life have told her that Trump is being mean to her sibling.

She even says, “We will talk to Trump so hard if he comes here, that you’ll have to blow down the wall,” confusing the issues on which her parents and/or Healy have no doubt coached her.

This is despicable and abusive to use a child like this.

The left truly is despicable.

On the one hand, the left uses children to make their emotional appeals about transgenderism (among other things), yet they don’t care about the women and children that will be in harm’s way thanks to their agenda.

Although the safety issue, of course, is a major concern, it’s not even the only issue at hand here. The left is attacking a cornerstone of our society — gender — without dealing with both basic biological realities and the far-reaching societal impacts of doing so.

It isn’t just about what bathroom a tiny minority of people can use; it’s about the far-reaching societal effects of allowing people to simply declare their gender, despite their biological reality — and thus gain all the societal aspects of that gender. The left is opening Pandora’s Box here, and the effects of that are far-reaching and dangerous.

On another level, it is a hallmark of liberalism to claim that they are being inclusive and, well, liberal, when the truth is that their refusal to deal with reality is actually cruel.

Despite lacking evidence, the left decides that certain things, such as transgenderism, are A-okay, and encourage people to hack off organs and pump themselves full of hormones despite strong arguments, based on science and common sense, that transgenderism is clearly a mental disorder that should be treated.

Instead of spending resources on research and getting help for those with this mental illness known as transgenderism, the left cruelly indulges it and pushes society to be as callous as they are.

That’s because the left doesn’t care about the people they claim to. They ignore realities that could actually help people and instead push an agenda that tears down society and ruins lives.

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