FAKE: Viewers Stunned as NBC Runs 2015 Baltimore Footage While Reporting Present-Day Case


On Tuesday, a mistrial was declared in the shooting of Walter Scott by former police officer Michael Slager in North Charleston, South Carolina, according to The Charleston Post and Courier.

That news may be either welcome or unwelcome depending on your opinion on the case, but everyone is united on one front — NBC’s coverage of community reaction to the court proceedings was laughable.

According to The Post and Courier, during an episode of the “Today” show Matt Lauer was giving the NBC audience an update on the trial, noting that “the mayor of Charleston, community leaders and South Carolina’s governor, are urging a calm response to that ruling.”

As he said that, NBC showed a picture of a large crowd standing together in angry protest, shown below … but there was something very, very wrong with the photo.


Namely, the photo is from 2015 protest in Baltimore concerning Freddie Gray. NBC didn’t even have the state or the year right.

People didn’t fail to notice, either.

It gets better.

A photo shown by Andrew Knapp of The Post and Courier showed his perception of the Charleston protests: one woman on a bench.

That news clip has since been removed, and according to The Post and Courier, there was to be an apology forthcoming from NBC Thursday.

Megan K. Stackhouse, vice president of public relations for the “Today” show and NBC News, reportedly announced Wednesday that “The video mistakenly included an image from an event not related to the Scott trial, and we apologize. The image has been removed from the story online, and we will make an on-air correction and apology tomorrow.”

It has not been uncommon for Conservative Tribune and other right-leaning websites to be branded as “fake news” this month. Critics of our organization, like our readers, can be very vocal about their opinions.

That makes incidents like what happened on NBC this week that much more awesome.

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