FAKE: Newsweek Senior Political Reporter Spreads Sickening Fake John Glenn Story


Newsweek, the venerable publication favored by four out of five aged dentists who haven’t changed their magazine subscription rolls since 1993, is only one of the panoply of media outlets whipping themselves into hysterics over the fake epidemic of “fake news.”

So, imagine their horror when one of their top political reporters — and a vociferous critic of President-elect Donald Trump, to boot — was caught spreading a wholly untrue story involving Trump supporters and John Glenn’s death.

According to The Hill, Newsweek senior political reporter Kurt Eichenwald is “backing away” from tweets he made about how Trump supporters at an Iowa rally reacted to news that the first American to orbit the earth had died. Eichenwald had reported — erroneously, as it turns out — that the crowd had booed Glenn when the American hero was mentioned by Trump.

“Trump supporters booed John Glenn when Trump mentioned his name at today’s rally,” Eichenwald wrote in a tweet which — quelle surprise! — has now been deleted. “A real American hero risked his life for us. He got booed.”

It’s unknown why Eichenwald would think that a Trump crowd would boo Glenn. The astronaut served as a Democrat in Congress, but Glenn’s death was met with universal sympathy, no matter where you were on the political spectrum.

Given the rather dubious nature of the claim, you would think Eichenwald would have fact-checked it before putting it out there.

Nope. And three hours later, when Eichenwald realized he was in the soup, he was forced to apologize sheepishly in 140 characters or less.

“I believe I was in error that Trump supporters booed Glenn. This seems to be 2 events at same time: Ppl booing Trump as he mentions Glenn,” Eichenwald tweeted.


Oopsie daisy.

That message has also been deleted, as he apparently believes it’s time to MoveOn.org. Apparently, he doesn’t want to be associated with “fake news.”

Sadly, one look at the tweets Eichenwald hasn’t deleted shows that this kind of stridency isn’t wholly out of character, since he trades in the same kind of febrile invective against Trump that one typically expects from that cousin of yours who’s in their ninth year at Antioch College:

Eichenwald is certainly entitled to his views (although I would recommend the decaf K-cups from here on in).

However, one would note that the name of the publication is not “Opinionweek.” Perhaps a magazine that strives for objectivity shouldn’t employ a man whose social media feed makes ThinkProgress look like “Firing Line.”

There is one tweet that I found oddly humorous, though:

Enjoy the irony, folks. He certainly didn’t.

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