FAKE NEWS: NBC Falsely Claims Israel Still Has Settlements in Gaza


Ever since President-elect Donald Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in November, the liberal media have been claiming that so-called “fake news” was behind Trump’s win.

While there is no questioning that there is indeed fake news in this world, what the liberal media have failed to acknowledge is that they themselves are often responsible for the spread of fake, or at least misleading, news.

A prime example of this occurred on Dec. 29 when NBC News published an article on the Israeli settlements controversy — a piece that was loaded with errors, NewsBusters reported.

The article, written by Ayman Mohyeldin and Cal Perry, falsely asserted that Israel had settlements in the Gaza Strip — something that anyone who has paid attention to the region over the past decade would know is utterly false.

Israel forcibly removed its own settlers form the Gaza Strip in 2005 — an action that made headlines all around the world. Even if these two writers didn’t remember that, a basic Google search of “does Israel have settlements in Gaza” should have been enough for them to get the correct information.

The article also seemed to imply that the Golan Heights, which are claimed by Syria, are connected to a future Palestinian state. Even someone with basic knowledge of the Middle East would know that the Golan Heights are a separate issue from the settlements.

Instead of doing research, the authors of this article published a factually inaccurate piece, potentially causing millions of people to get the wrong information about Israel. NBC did eventually correct the piece and added a note at the bottom documenting the change.

While it is good that NBC did eventually fix their mistake, it is one that shouldn’t have been made in the first place. The people who wrote this article are professionals who are paid to publish factually accurate content.

This wasn’t some middle school research report that would be seen by no one. It was a major article trying to explain what the heck is going on between Israel and Palestine. It’s a serious issue.

Maybe the liberal media should focus on cleaning up their own house before they start peddling wild theories about fake news being spread to help Trump win the election.

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Source: conservativetribune.com