FAKE NEWS: CNN Caught Using “Fake Headline” to Smear Trump, Carson


CNN just tried to trick Americans into thinking that Dr. Ben Carson had turned against President-elect Donald Trump. In fact, what happened was that a strong critic of Trump was praising the president-elect’s choice of a non-Caucasian woman for a key office.

CNN posted a fake news headline on their website: “Carson: Trump in private betrays public rhetoric.” It’s only when users click on the article that they see what the post is actually about, and it’s not related to Ben Carson at all.

In fact, the article is about President-elect Trump’s selection of South Carolina’s Gov. Nikki Haley for the U.N. ambassadorship.

During the interview, Democrat Congressman Andre Carson defended Trump’s selection of Haley to CNN’s Jim Sciutto, advancing the idea that Trump’s choice of Haley was at odds with Trump’s public image.

“She is inspiring more women to participate in the political process,” Carson said.

There was no mention of Ben Carson in the interview. Not one part of the interview as much as mentioned the famous neurosurgeon’s name. But by using the name of a much more obscure public figure named Carson, CNN led readers to believe Dr. Carson was the one being referred to, and the wording of the headline in that context read like a reference to Trump being two-faced.

CNN in other words was stooping to sensationalism and fakery.

However, fake news hasn’t seemed to work to well in recent days. Fake news stories spurred one lunatic to fire a rifle inside a pizza restaurant, all apparently because he believed a clickbait story about “Pizzagate.”

According to The New York Times, a North Carolina man opened fire in a Washington, D.C., pizza joint after he heard fake reports that Hillary Clinton ran a child trafficking site out of the restaurant. Now he’s spending time behind bars, as he should be.

CNN should be more careful when writing their headlines, as it’s been proven that fake news stories and headlines can motivate dangerous criminal acts.

Moreover, it seems hypocritical of CNN to post a fake news headline when the liberal media constantly berate conservative-leaning sites for supporting “fake news.” U.S. News even accused some right-leaning sites of promoting propaganda.

It seems that liberal news sites are guilty of the same thing they accuse others of doing.

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Source: conservativetribune.com