Facebook Post Telling Truth About Chicago Torture, Obama, and Radical Islam Explodes


A Facebook post published by user Grant Phillips has gone viral with its blunt, powerful message.

It highlighted the insane hypocrisy of liberalism, and the exceptions and excuses liberals make for everyone except for conservatives.

“If you yell ‘f*** white people’ while torturing a special needs white kid, the city of Chicago won’t call it a hate crime and the superintendent will say it’s ‘just a bunch of kids.’

“If you yell ‘alluah Akbar’ (sic) right before blowing yourself up in a public area, POTUS won’t call you an Islamic terrorist.

“If you burn down cities and destroy property, you’re a misunderstood protestor (sic) fighting oppression.

“But if you voted for Trump, you’re a violent racist and white supremacist.”

The post, which has gotten only a few hundred likes directly on Facebook, was shared on the website iFunny, where it had received nearly 100,000 likes by late Friday.

The post may in some ways be inflammatory, but it makes a great point. We have known for a long time that the left will ignore certain incidents or explain them away. However, the insanity really comes into play when one juxtaposes those excuses with the left’s intolerance for anyone who voted for President-elect Donald Trump.

Apparently the misogyny, racism and all-around awfulness that come with voting Republican are far worse than “just a bunch of kids” torturing a mentally handicapped man.

Wake up, people.

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Source: conservativetribune.com