EXPOSED: While Clinton Was Tying Trump to Russia, Podesta Made $170k to Alter Russian Sanctions

While Clinton Was Tying Trump to Russia Podesta Made 170k to Alter Russian Sanctions

Since President Donald Trump defeated former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in 2016, the liberal media have been claiming without a shred of evidence that Trump was somehow tied to Russia, which enabled — again, without evidence or explanation — his win.

Naturally, the liberal media has refused to report on the Clinton campaign’s connections to Russia — connections that were far more serious than anything that happened with the Trump campaign, The Daily Caller reported.

In fact, Clinton campaign manager John Podesta’s brother, Tony Podesta, was paid a massive amount of money by a Russian bank to lobby the Obama administration to end sanctions on Russia.

Podesta’s brother was paid $170,000 over six months by Sberbank, the largest bank in Russia. While this isn’t a direct connection to the Clinton campaign that proves some sort of mass conspiracy — we don’t want to make the same baseless claims the mainstream media has been making about Trump and Ivan — it’s the sort of thing that does raise some serious questions.

Democrats have been hounding Republicans for months over Trump’s supposedly “soft” stance on Russia, yet high level Democrats close to the Clinton campaign were the ones lobbying for the U.S. government to go easier on the country.

And the mainstream media, of course, is silent.

“The Democrats are sitting there trying to convince us that the Russians are trying to throw the election to Trump,” a congressional aide stated. “And then they’re with us here in the House and meeting directly with the administration behind closed doors on the issue of the sanctions. The hypocrisy could not be any richer.”

Democrats need to accept that they lost the election because Trump connected with the American people more than Clinton did. There was no Russian conspiracy, and there is no grand plan to have Russia take over American politics.

If the Democrats are going to accuse anyone of colluding with the Russian government, they should start with their own operatives who are being paid tens of thousands of dollars to lobby on behalf of Russian banks.

Once they’ve successfully pulled that plank from their eye, they can got back to doing what they do best — making up things to criticize other people about.

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