EXPLOSIVE: Fireworks Market Goes Up, Dozens Injured, Some Dead [VIDEO]


An explosion at a fireworks market in Mexico turned out to be deadly, leaving nothing behind but a pile of scorched rubble.

The explosion, which occurred around 2:30 p.m. on Wednesday, left 32 people dead and 59 injured, according to NBC News. The market was in San Pablito Market in Tultepec, about 20 miles north of Mexico City.

Videos of the blast showed literally thousands of fireworks exploding, with a massive plume of smoke rising above the area.

Officials did not immediately know what triggered the explosions.

The governor of the State of Mexico, Eruviel Avila, said the market was packed with shoppers who were buying fireworks to celebrate upcoming holidays.

First responders and the Mexican Red Cross rushed to the scene, and victims were transported to hospitals.

Yahir David Sanchez Ortega, 12, said he was outside the market when the explosion began. He said all “all the bricks from the fireworks market started flying,” NBC reported.

He added that said he saw people with blood on their heads running and screaming for help.

“Everything was exploding until you went deaf, where you couldn’t hear all the noise,” he said. “I felt like the roof was going to cave and crush my head.”

The giant plume of smoke could be seen for miles.

By the looks of the blast, it’s a miracle anyone in the market survived.

USA Today reported that in 2005 a fire in the same market set off a chain of explosions that leveled hundreds of stalls shortly before Mexico’s Independence Day. In 2006, an explosion at the San Pablito Market destroyed hundreds of stalls.

NBC reported that Mexico has a history of similar fireworks explosions, two of which occurred in Tultepec. At least 62 people were killed in an explosion that occurred at a market at the La Merced market in Mexico City on Dec. 12, 1988.

This is such a sad tragedy so close to the holidays.

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