EXCLUSIVE: Bachmann Reveals “Late Night Invitation” to Church She Got From Trump

Bachmann Reveals Late Night Invitation to Church She Got From Trump

The night before President Donald Trump’s inauguration, Michele Bachmann got an amazing phone call from Trump’s people asking her to attend one of the most hallowed traditions in all of presidential inauguration lore — the morning prayer service at St. John’s Episcopal Church in the nation’s capital.

In a Friday appearance on “Trending Today USA” with Rusty Humphries on Conservative Tribune sister company USA Radio, the former Minnesota congresswoman revealed that she was invited and how hard it was to get to the church.

Bachmann also revealed that authorities in the city may have shut down cellphone service during the inauguration as a protective measure.

She told Humphries that she thought cellphone service was shut down “because my husband and I were actually out on the street by 5:30 a.m. We had received a late-night invitation from the Trump organization to attend the church service at St. John’s (Episcopal) Church this morning.”

“So, we got up, we were making our way over to Trump International to take the bus to go with President Trump and Vice President (Pence) into the church — there was absolutely no way possible, standing in line, people couldn’t get through,” she continued.

“Which is fine, we understood that because of the level of security that’s going on here,” she added. “But at 5:30 this morning, we could not get our cellphones to work in the city, I think they had shut it off.”

You can hear her comments here:
Listen to “Michele Bachmann On Inauguration Security” on Spreaker.

According to The Hill, the service at St. John’s has become an inauguration staple that dates back to Franklin Delano Roosevelt’s first inauguration in 1933. Trump and his family arrived from Blair House — the White House guest quarters — at 8:40 a.m., assumedly sans Bachmann.

However, you do have to give him some credit for the invitation.

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