Ex-ICE Special Agent Breaks Silence… Reveals What Obama Really Had Them Do with Illegals

Ex-ICE Special Agent Breaks Silence Reveals What Obama Really Had Them Do with Illegals

A former Immigration and Customs Enforcement special agent who served under President Barack Obama is speaking out about what his job was really like during the Obama administration.

In an exclusive interview with Independent Journal Review, Jeff Parkes, who was an ICE special agent from 2008-2014, claimed that Obama’s administration made the work of ICE agents almost impossible.

“What I see in the news is utter nonsense. As a former sworn immigration official and a special agent with ICE, you are given authority as an immigration agent under the (Immigration and Nationality Act) to arrest anyone who you have determined the alienage and removability for,” Parkes said.

The former agent then referenced a 1965 law that empowered agents to serve anyone deemed removable a notice to appear. However, Parkes said the law was almost irrelevant during the Obama administration.

“This law was on the books during the Obama administration, but some executive actions took place that slowed some of that down.”

“So you could go out and arrest an illegal alien, under your authority, but your supervisors would just give you hell for it,” Parkes continued. “And everything is done in order to maintain your position and possible promotions or plush duty assignments, which (means) no one wants to upset their supervisors because it will only impact your quality of life as an agent. It all comes down to politics.”

Perhaps the most shocking admission Parkes made was that Obama’s administration refused to prosecute illegal aliens, even if they were proven criminals.

“In some cases, they (the U.S. attorney) stalled things based on orders from D.C., and they determined that their focus wouldn’t be illegal immigrants. And criminal activity went on and was not prosecuted because of that.”

On the other hand, Parkes applauded President Donald Trump’s efforts to crack down on illegal immigration, something he described as long overdue.

“I have direct knowledge of aliens entering the country from Yemen, as Buffalo is the second-largest population center for people from Yemen,” Parkes said, referencing President Trump’s temporary travel ban from seven major terrorist countries.

“I was amazed at how easy it is for aliens to make it to the U.S. from countries such as Yemen (a failed state which has terrorist training camps) with travel documents that were handwritten and unverifiable,” Parkes said.

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