EVIL: Radical Muslims Rape, Make Woman Quote Quran, But How They “Finish Her Off” Is the Worst


Many sources and news networks have reported atrocities committed by the Islamic State group, ranging from discrimination and eviction to rape and murder. As more and more of the truth comes out, more and more atrocities are brought to light with no parallel since the Second World War.

These atrocities have caused the second largest mass immigration in world history.

As a result of this, the Islamic State group often resorts to “importing” women, sex slaves to fulfill the uncontrollable lust of the hordes of ISIS thugs.

These women survive as best as they can, battered, abused, and helpless.

One woman, named Suzan, was in Iraq under these circumstances. She escaped, and has shared her story with the world.

It would appear that for her, it was not enough to simply be abused. She had to recite the “sacred text” while doing so.

While being raped, she was forced to recite the Quran.

When she resisted, boiling water was poured onto her thigh until she conformed. According to the report publicized by RedFlag News:

“[S]he was bought by a man from Chechnya who purchased her and two other girls in a matter of 10 minutes.

“Suzan gave horrific accounts of daily rapes by the man’s bodyguards. ‘They forced me to say things from the Quran during the time they did their actions, and if I didn’t they whipped me.’

“On an occasion Suzan resisted, they burned her thigh with boiling water. ‘They took us to one of the villages near Shingal. [Al-Russiyah] and his bodyguards were wounded when they fought against Kurdish soldiers. He died immediately and the guards also. That was when we fled.’

“Some girls who ran back to ISIS because they were afraid. As Suzan said, ‘another girl who tried to escaped had her legs cut off.’”

Only the intervention of Kurdish soldiers saved these women’s lives.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

H/T Red Flag News