Ever Compared the Power of a Bow vs a Gun? These Folks Did and the Video’s Been Shared 750k Times!


As you know, we here at Conservative Tribune are big fans of the Second Amendment. There is nothing to us more singularly awesome than instruments of self-defense being used to do just that, or even for sport. Anything is good with us. We love our guns, and we’re not afraid to show it.

However, what happens when you match up a gun with a bow-and-arrow? The gun completely obliterates the bow-and-arrow, right?

Well, back in the heady year of 1961 — where Kennedy was president, man hadn’t been to the moon, and a young Hillary Rodham was blaming her loss in the student council elections on the neighboring town’s principal hacking into her school’s punch-card attendance system — the U.S. Army Special Forces devised a series of tests to measure how their program using a bow-and-arrow was going by pitting it against a range of guns.

The innovative test involved a cardboard target set up with dirt (or “earth,” if you insist on using the parlance of the narrator) showing just how far each projectile would penetrate. The results, brought to you here by Central Texas Bowhunter, may surprise you until you consider the source:

They tested a .45 caliber automatic, a .30 caliber carbine and an M1 rifle against the bow, and what turned out the winner? The bow.

They were even developing explosive heads, just like the bow that was the only thing that made the second Rambo movie worth watching.

The only thing more awesome than seeing firearms face off against a bow-and-arrow was just how awesomely, amazingly 1960s this is. Listen to that narration, all scored to music that sounds like it came straight out of “Dragnet.” I was halfway waiting for a clip of Dorothy Kilgallen asking the archers if the weapon that they used was bigger than a breadbox.

Now, we’re not suggesting that the bow-and-arrow should replace guns. Far from it; it’s a bit difficult to concealed-carry the accoutrements necessary unless you’re that guy who played Rubeus Hagrid in the “Harry Potter” series (before you hit send — yes, I know he’s Robbie Coltrane, and yes, I know he’s actually a groundbreaking English comedian, and yes, I know I need to get a life).

However, it is yet more proof that the humble bow-and-arrow isn’t quite as lame as it might seem. Just ask Ted Nugent.

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