Evangelical Cruz Breaks Silence on Secular Rex Tillerson


Republican Sen. Ted Cruz issued a statement regarding President-elect Donald Trump’s selection of Rex Tillerson as his nominee for U.S. secretary of state.

Former GOP presidential contender Cruz, who has been silent on the matter up until now, acknowledged Tillerson’s accomplishments and said he looked forward to hearing Tillerson’s vision for the future in his confirmation hearing.

“Rex Tillerson is a Texan who has had an incredible career building one of the world’s largest businesses. With deep expertise in energy, he has negotiated business deals across the globe,” the statement read.

“I look forward to a full and fair confirmation hearing where Tillerson can describe his record in detail, and lay out his vision for supporting our allies, confronting our enemies and advancing U.S. interests worldwide,” the statement concluded.

Trump’s controversial choice has earned disapproval from those concerned about the CEO’s relationship with Russia and about his views regarding abortion and LGBT issues. Tillerson, 64, faced particular disapproval from many in the evangelical community.

However, Tillerson brings extensive international business experience to the table, and some Republicans find that invaluable. Former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and former presidential candidate Mike Huckabee have expressed support for the businessman.

Tillerson has no formal government experience, but that didn’t appear to matter to Trump, who said Tillerson was a world-class player and deal-maker.

It’s a good sign that Cruz refrained from attacking Tillerson before the confirmation hearings. It’s also good that the senator is willing to give Tillerson a chance before completely dismissing him. It would be good if other evangelicals adopted a similar attitude so we can push forward.

Hopefully the Senate will give Tillerson a fair hearing and he will be confirmed so the Trump administration can begin the work ahead of it.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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