Eric Trump And Wife Encounter Group Of Hecklers In Manhattan After Dinner With Friends


Amid nationwide protests and widespread social-media threats aimed at Presidential-elect Donald Trump and his supporters after this week’s election, one report detailed the type of treatment the brash billionaire’s son and daughter-in-law received upon leaving a New York City restaurant this week.

The New York Post’s Page Six reported Eric Trump and his wife, Lara Yunaska, met some friends at Quality Italian, a Manhattan restaurant, around 9:30 p.m. Thursday.

Following the celebratory dinner two days after his father’s surprise Election Day victory, Trump and his wife left the restaurant and walked a few blocks before encountering a group of teens openly hostile toward the next president.

Reports indicate one of the protesters rehashed a slogan used by Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton throughout the general election.

“Love trumps hate!” the unidentified teen shouted.

At least one other heckler was notably less polite.

“Eric,” Page Six quotes the protester, “– f— your father!”

Trump, who was walking with Yunaska without any apparent security detail, reportedly turned toward the group of about eight hecklers before briskly escorting his wife away from the area.

Similar language aimed at the president-elect, his family and supporters has become widespread online and in destructive protests across multiple cities in the days since the election.

The backlash against Trump’s victory has, in turn, sparked an impassioned defense of those being targeted.

“Dear liberals” was a trending phrase on Twitter Saturday morning as primarily pro-Trump users posted their thoughts of the threats and invective being expressed by some on the left.

Several injuries, including to three police officers in Oakland, Calif., have been reported in connection to the ongoing anti-Trump protests.

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