This EPIC Sign Will Make Trespassers Think Twice Before Going on This Guy’s Property


President Barack Obama has never been a major proponent of the Second Amendment. In fact, gun sales have skyrocketed under his administration as gun owners and constitutional champions have moved to secure firearms before they were made illegal.

Now, as conservative leader Herman Cain said, there’s a new sheriff in town. That new sheriff, President-elect Donald Trump, is a YUGE proponent of the Second Amendment, and gun owners are, by and large, relieved.

One gun owner has erected a sign showing just how much he cared about his Second Amendment rights and the right to defend his property.

Seriously, who would sneak onto a property with a sign that says, “You are no longer a trespasser, you are now a target”?


I know I wouldn’t.

Obviously, the laws in various states differ in terms of when one can actually engage an intruder.

In some states, one can only engage once an intruder has entered the home. In other states, if you have the opportunity to flee rather than engage a threat, you must attempt that option before employing deadly force.

I don’t know if you have ever been in a life-or-death situation, but making snap judgments when your life is on the line is an absolutely insane prospect.

The more freedom and discretion the private citizen can employ without fear of legal repercussions for acting in good faith, the safer those citizens are.

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