EPIC: Mexican Companies Eager to Help Build Wall!

Mexican Companies Eager to Help Build Wall

President Donald Trump’s campaign promise to build a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border is quickly moving toward fulfilment. Already, dozens of companies have expressed interest in helping build the wall.

Surprisingly, a Mexican company that produces cement has indicated that it would be willing to provide materials for the border wall, NBC News reported.

Cemex, which is one of the largest cement companies in the world, has said that it would provide an estimate for the cost of cement if asked by the Trump administration.

After Cemex president Rogelio Zambrano told the daily newspaper Reforma that his company would “gladly” provide an estimate, a company spokesperson seemed to reverse those comments slightly.

“Cemex is not a U.S. construction company; it’s a company that produces materials for construction. To date there are no technical details about said construction and no one has sought us out to participate. If one of our clients asks us to quote materials, we have the responsibility to do so, but that does not imply that Cemex would participate in the construction,” the spokesperson explained.

The Hill reported that there were already 225 companies that have expressed interest in helping build the wall, so Cemex may be in for some competition.

Trump has also vowed to “hire American and buy American,” so a Mexican company might not be his first choice to help build the wall.

With so many companies in the running, the price of the wall probably will come down from the estimates floating around out there right now. Reuters reported that the administration has found only $20 million so far that can be used toward the wall, which is expected to cost around $20 billion.

Any decrease in price would be a win for Trump.

Any company that helps build the wall is likely to make a lot of money, which would explain why so many companies have expressed interest so far. Hopefully Trump will be able to negotiate a fair price for the wall to ease the burden on the taxpayers.

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Source: conservativetribune.com

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