Entitled Girl Pitches Fit to Airline, Their Response Leaves Her Speechless


A whiny, entitled and narcissistic “Black Lives Matter” activist pitched an apoplectic fit of rage last week after American Airlines rightfully forced her off an aircraft due to her raucous behavior — but much to her chagrin, the airline then adamantly told her to pretty much suck it up.

Now she wants to make them pay.

Activist Imani Cezanne herself explained on Twitter that the incident began after a flight attendant asked the woman next to her to switch seats, as commuters sitting in the exit row must be well-versed in English, for obvious reasons.

Cezanne then began speaking to the passenger about her “concerns,” which we assume centered around a phony balogna belief that asking a foreign-speaking passenger to switch seats as per the airline’s safety policy was somehow racist.

“Are you going to be a problem?” the flight attendant then asked, after which the situation quickly devolved.

Rather than respond rationally, Cezanne not surprisingly chose to ask, “Are you going to be a problem?”

The frustrated flight attendant then went to speak with her manager, who soon returned to tell Cezanne that she needed to get off the plane.

She eventually complied, though she later penned a Twitter rant accusing American Airlines of perpetuating racism.

Judging by the tone of her rant, however, she herself sounded awfully racist.

What did the race of the officers have to do with the incident? Nothing. Neither did her race matter, because the situation arose not because of racism — but because of her self-indulgent need to butt her nose into the airline’s business.

Regardless, she wrote on Twitter that when she phoned American Airlines to complain about what happened, a representative delivered this gem to her: “There is nothing we can do for you.”

Awww …

In other words, and like the urchins often say, #SorryNotSorry.

According to Cezanne’s latest tweet, she now wants to file a lawsuit against the airline:

Um … good luck with that.

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