Elizabeth Warren Unloads On Trumpcare In Embarrassing Tweetstorm

Elizabeth Warren Unloads On Trumpcare In Embarrassing Tweetstorm

Senator Elizabeth Warren is furious at Republicans in the House, lashing out on Twitter at the proposed repeal and replace plan for healthcare.

It’s no secret that the so-called Affordable Care Act wasn’t affordable at all. With insurance premiums more expensive than the subsidies meant to pay for them, Americans were left picking up Obamacare’s costly tab.

“Universal healthcare” was never free.  It assumed that forcing people to pay for healthcare that isn’t their own is a better strategy than trusting market competition to drive down the cost of insurance.

Warren, ever allegiant to any rotten scheme so long as Democrats came up with it, sees things differently.

Obamacare, to Warren, really was affordable and provided millions of Americans with excellent healthcare.

Cleaving to the notion that America is still buying that bogus lie, Warren lashed out at the new repeal and replace plan on social media.

Republicans, it may shock Warren to learn, live on Earth. The same planet Democrats live on, where they believe people shouldn’t be forced to help pay for healthcare full of flaws which they do not benefit from.

Warren went on to call the repeal and replace plan “cruel.” Yes, it’s just mean and rotten and selfish to decide Obamacare is too expensive for too many with no strategy for truly driving down insurance costs to an affordable level.

Under Obamacare, even uninsured Americans, whom Democrats claim the bill intended to help, were often left significantly worse off.

Yet its repeal and replacement is junk?

It’s remarkable what the blinders of a liberal ideology will leave people like Warren believing is right for America.

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Source: thefederalistpapers.org

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