D’Souza Hits NeverTrump Christians With Bombshell Vid, Seen 2 Million Times in 1 Day!


Conservative filmmaker Dinesh D’Souza spoke at Liberty University’s convocation ceremony Friday and delivered a fiery message to Christians in the #NeverTrump crowd.

He encouraged them to vote even if they felt like the election was a lose-lose situation.

D’Souza spoke about the difference between intentions and consequences, and explained that while a Christian might act out of pure intentions, those actions could result in terrible consequences.

“You need to know that a vote for (Democrat presidential nominee) Hillary Clinton is a vote to swing the balance of the Supreme Court, virtually irrevocably, against us,” he said. He added that a vote for Clinton would “not only permit, but bring in federal subsidies for abortion.”

That point should be clear to anyone watching Clinton’s response to the abortion issue at the final presidential debate.

D’Souza also told the crowd that a vote for Clinton was a vote to put religious freedom in a “much more endangered position.”

The filmmaker added that it would be a mistake for Christians to think they would be able retreat into their private spaces and live their lives quietly in Clinton’s America, because a Clinton administration would have no intention of leaving Christians alone.

D’Souza also said that under Clinton, our somewhat balanced American system of government will shift the other way, “creating a very different America for everyone, especially evangelical Christians.”

Allowing a selective prejudice against Christians to seep into higher levels of politics is simply “asking for it,” the political commentator said. Christians ask for it when they don’t get involved, he explained, pointing to the mainstream media and academia as examples.

He encouraged his audience to become informed about what this election means to the future of this country and to seriously consider the implications of not voting for the Republican nominee.

You can watch an excerpt of his speech here:

D’Souza’s message was on point. This election is about so much more then the two nominees who happen to be running for president. It’s about holding on to the foundations that make this country great.

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