Drunk Praises Allah at Idaho Restaurant… Muslims Horrified by What Happens Next


Imagine relaxing at an Idaho restaurant, when suddenly a drunk fool hoists himself up onto the bar and yells, “Allah is the only one true God.” How might you react?

According to Boise station KTVB, when that exact scenario played out Friday at Horsewood’s restaurant in Caldwell, customers began fleeing through the front door faster than the speed of light, and for good reason: It just simply wasn’t worth taking any risks in this day and age of radical Islamic terrorism run amok.

Moreover, the 21-year-old perpetrator, Ralmanzow Bell, had been wearing a suspicious backpack — kind of like the ones used by radical Islamists to hide suicide bombs.

Watch the video below to see local coverage of the event:

Thankfully, restaurant employees managed to pull Bell off the bar and drag him outside, after which authorities arrested him for disorderly conduct.

“Instincts kicked in that this may be a terrorism attack,” restaurant owner Aaron Horsewood said about the whole affair. “Whether it was legitimate or not, that’s how you had to view it at that moment.”

It turned out not to be a terrorist attack. Instead it was an example of a drunk moron with a criminal history acting like a fool yet again.

Yet the restaurant’s various customers — some of whom were probably conservatives, others of whom were likely more liberal — all acted the same way: They bailed out of that bar out of concern for their own safety and well-being.

Now here’s a question for liberals, as well as for the grievance mongers who make up the Council on American-Islamic Relations: Does the customers’ behavior make them racists?

Absolutely not. It makes them sane human beings who would like to keep living on this planet. And incidentally, the same principle applies to those Americans who oppose President Barack Obama’s refugee resettlement program and support presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump’s Muslim ban.

They aren’t racists. They just want to protect themselves from the threat of radical Islamic terror, whether President Barack Obama and CAIR want to admit that threat exists or not.

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Source: conservativetribune.com