Drug Boss Kidnaps Townspeople, So Their Families Kidnap His Mother in Return


It is difficult to find photos of Guerrero, Mexico, that do not feature dead bodies strewn across the landscape. In this lawless state, kidnapping and murder are the norm.

The town of Totolapan has been controlled for years by drug boss Raybel Jacobo de Almonte, better known as “El Tequilero,” or “The Tequila Drinker.” Locked in a deadly turf war, his gang routinely kills suspected enemies and kidnaps extortion targets.

On Sunday, they snatched the wrong guy. Construction engineer Isauro de la Paz Duque’s wife was not having it, reported The Associated Press. In a video posted on Monday, she announced that the townspeople were giving de Almonte a taste of his own tequila.

“We have your mother here, Mr. Tequilero,” she said. “I propose an exchange: I’ll give you your mother if you give me my husband, but I want him safe and sound.”

Ouch. I want to know this woman.

Self-styled vigilantes have themselves resorted to violence and kidnapping in order to combat what they see as corrupt, ineffective control of the problem. The little town is at the foot of the mountains that produce much of Mexico’s opium poppy crop.

The government of the state of Guerrero said Tuesday that it was sending about 220 soldiers and a negotiating team to try to defuse the situation in Totolapan, CBS News reported.

By this morning, about five of the two dozen people being held by the vigilantes had been freed. Those did not include El Tequilero’s mother.

The U.K. Guardian reported that vigilante groups have become a headache for Guerrero’s government. Authorities said they understood residents’ frustration but noted that the groups often wind up kidnapping suspects, fighting among themselves or preventing police from doing their work.

It’s interesting to note that the police didn’t get very excited about this until a criminal’s mother was kidnapped, however.

We in no way condone vigilantism, of course, but De Almonte better pour himself a stiff one. The townspeople of Totolapan are not going to take it anymore.

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Source: conservativetribune.com