They “Drowned” Trying To Escape Alcatraz 50 Years Ago… But Their Relatives Just Got Shocking News


For years, authorities and historians have said no one was ever able to escape Alcatraz, the infamous “prison on the rock” in the San Francisco Bay. Out of the 36 inmates who tried, none was ever thought to have made it out alive.

However, that may no longer be the case. New evidence has come to light that may show that two brothers, John and Clarence Anglin, and fellow prisoner Frank Morris may have survived their escape attempt.

The three men tunneled through the walls of Alcatraz in June of 1962, climbed up onto the roof and escaped in a raft made of stolen raincoats. They are thought to have drowned, but their bodies were never found.

The New York Post reported that the Anglins’ relatives have come forward with what they claim is evidence that proves the men survived the escape and may still be alive today.

The case is the subject of a History Channel special, “Alcatraz: Search for the Truth,” airing Monday.

The family has Christmas cards that were signed with Clarence and John Anglin’s names. These cards were delivered during the three years after the escape, and arrived without any postage.

The handwriting is a match, however investigators are unable to state when the cards were written. It is entirely possible they were written before the escape.

The family allowed investigators to dig up the remains of Alfred Anglin, Clarence and John’s older brother, who was electrocuted during his escape attempt from an Alabama prison.

Authorities had a set of bones that washed up on shore in 1963 that they claimed belonged to one of the three escapees. The DNA was not a match to the Anglins, but it is possible that the bones belong to Morris, who has no living relatives.

These new leads have given new life to the hunt for the three criminals.

This is a case that has captivated America for years and will likely continue to do so until these men, or their remains, are found.

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