After Dropping Pennsylvania Recount Effort, Green Party Asks Federal Court To Intervene


The Green Party, which raised almost $7 million to fund recounts in three states, abandoned its Pennsylvania recount effort Saturday, citing the cost, but on Monday pushed to have a federal court force the state to recount its votes.

“We have no choice but to seek federal intervention,” Green Party counsel Jonathan Abady said Monday, announcing the filing to seek federal court intervention to force a recount. The Green Party is seeking to have paper ballots examined and wants a “forensic examination” of the voting machines.

“We are here to verify the accuracy of the vote,” he said, calling criticism of the effort “deeply misguided” and accusing President-elect Donald Trump of trying to “obstruct and stop this democratic process.”

Stein said the court action was necessary due to an “absolutely ridiculous and obscene form of bureaucratic obstruction” she claimed was taking place in Pennsylvania.

“It’s clear that the fix was in against a verified vote in the state of Pennsylvania,” she said.

Trump has said the effort is designed to raise money for the Green Party.

Stein, however, said the money is an account that will only be spent on the recount.

The court filing abandoning the statewide challenge said Green Party members “are regular citizens of ordinary means” and cannot afford the $1 million bond ordered by the court.

“The judge’s outrageous demand that voters pay such an exorbitant figure is a shameful, unacceptable barrier to democratic participation,” said Stein“This is yet another sign that Pennsylvania’s antiquated election law is stacked against voters. By demanding a $1 million bond from voters yesterday, the court made clear it has no interest in giving a fair hearing to these voters’ legitimate concerns over the accuracy, security and fairness of an election tainted by suspicion.”

Stein blamed elected officials for the high cost of the recount.

Stein has already forced a recount in Wisconsin, which began last week, and Michigan, which is scheduled to begin Monday. The Wisconsin recount so far has added to Trump’s lead over Democrat Hillary Clinton.

Stein had claimed the election could have been subject to hacking, but never offered proof.

Lawrence Tabas, a lawyer for the Pennsylvania GOP, said the case had been meant “solely for purposes to delay the Electoral College vote in Pennsylvania for President-Elect Trump.” The Electoral College is scheduled to meet Dec. 19.

Pennsylvania Secretary of State Pedro Cortes, a Democrat, has said the recount would change little and that there was no evidence of any irregularities.

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